What is the connection between yoga and decluttering?

What is the connection between yoga and decluttering?

I’ve asked myself what the connection is between yoga and decluttering many times over the years. But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started to appreciate how entwined yoga and decluttering are.

At home, when I create a physical space that has a natural harmonious flow, it brings me a sense of ease. It’s the same with yoga. Whether it’s 15 minutes meditating, a dreamy Yoga Nidra or a fluid vinyasa. It’s the same process and the same result – one environment I inhabit externally, one internally.

Of course, there are yogic principles that aid decluttering our homes and our minds:

  • Letting go of possessions and tension.
  • Not grasping material things or end results.
  • Approaching life from a place of abundance not scarcity.

How do yoga and decluttering connect?

Women come to my yoga classes for stretching, strength and flexibility, sure. Certainly not for a workout. But mostly they come because they get to slow things down for a while. They lock into their breath, their minds let go of the spinning plates and they can sink into a relaxation on their mat, completely supported.

And they want this release and tranquillity to filter through into their homes and lives.

After class, people often hang back because they need to talk about something. It’s a privilege to be part of these chats. People really open up, while I’m packing away my props and mats. And they tell me how they are looking for release from the weight of everything in their homes, the built-up tension and the burden that brings.

Walk with me now, to the homes of women I declutter with

Don’t underestimate the uplifting feeling of seeing a mountain of bags going to the charity shop. That sense of relief when they can see how their home can really work to bring value to their life. Once the burden of physical clutter has been lifted, their house feels lighter and starts to breathe again. Then they want to go deeper. They want to feel that same space and contentment inside too.

While we sort, tidy and organise we talk about the relationships we have with significant people. We look behind the perceived value we place on things. We notice the disparity between the life we live and the life we might want.

More than anything we talk about how to pare things back to be more meaningful. How to create more moments with the people we care about, treasure less things more deeply. Nobody wants more possessions, they all want more time, more space, more connection. That sounds a whole lot like yoga to me.

The two groups of women are connected through yoga and decluttering because they want the same things:
⭐️ a calm mind with space for all their thoughts
⭐️ a harmonious family home with space to enjoy living
⭐️ a feeling of contentment and simplicity to their life.

So, The Simple Life was born

The aim is to remove barriers so that you can choose how you want to live.

We work through the excess and bring an easy flow into your home. Find space and order in your cluttered day so that you can choose how you use your time. We explore ways to bring release from the tension in your body, breath and mind. We get you to a place where you are ready to move forwards – from a place of positivity.

And that’s your future. Your choices, your ideas to explore. I don’t prescribe what comes next, I simply give you the tools so you get to a place where you have the space to breathe and think freely.

For me, there were a few keys things I needed:

  • being able to stop and be present with my children
  • tending my garden and arranging the flowers I’ve grown
  • cooking great food with time and care, for the the people I love
  • working with and helping people I genuinely care about
  • to lead a life with integrity.

I’m intrigued about what your Simple Life looks like because once you know that, you’ve taken your first step in the right direction.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this, there are more musings on the connection between yoga and decluttering over on the fabulous, free Facebook Simple Life Community. You’re very welcome to come and hang out – there are tips, tasks and support to help you on your journey to a simpler life.

And if this is resonating with you and you’re thinking: Yes, I need this! Then it’s probably a good time for us to chat about working 1:1 – you don’t have to commit to anything. We can talk about what’s going on for you and what you’re struggling with and at the very least you’ll get a few things to try that will make a difference. Send me a message and let’s arrange a call.

What is the connection between yoga and decluttering - with love from Katherine, the Simple Life