Stop watching decluttering shows on TV!

Stop watching decluttering shows on TV!

I can’t stand TV shows like The Home Edit!

They all follow the same format:

  • Introduce a fed-up person who can’t cope with their messy, cluttered home, anymore.
  • Shine a spotlight on the decluttering /organising expert. Plus, where possible, showcase their product range available in a store near you.
  • Run a short clip of some unidentifiable sorting.
  • Cut to a big pile of bin bags.
  • Then show the expert walking up to the house, accompanied by sunshine lighting and upbeat music. Along with some hysterical giggling and a bit of jumping up and down.
  • Quick pan of the problem areas that now look like a shop or magazine-ready home.
  • Roll credits.

It drives me nuts!

It’s TV land smoke and mirrors.

Just a voyeuristic clear out!

the simple life

For those of you who’ve watched them, how many times have you had an ‘aha’ moment? Seeing someone clearing lots of excess possessions might inspire you to do the same. But has that lightbulb ever pinged over your head when you’ve made a break through about why you hoard shoes or keep years of old magazines?

Here’s why these show really wind me up

They fundamentally gloss over all the important reasons why people struggle to get rid of clutter. And skip all the ‘hows’ about making those positive first steps towards a calm, spacious home to enjoy living in with their family.

Here’s what is missing from those (I’ll admit) addictive programmes:

  • There is no guidance from the expert/star of the show. There are two formats:
    Either the expert does it all while the homeowner is out.
    Or the homeowner (and us viewers) get a 5-minute instruction on what to do and are then left to do it all alone.
  • Nothing is done to support people and the sheer overwhelm they feel.
  • Where’s the help on how to decide what to keep?
  • What can you do when things get hard?
  • It can be emotional letting go of things. Sometimes dealing with these emotions is the reason why we hang onto something we know we don’t want, need or love. How can we cope with that?
  • The organisation is often done for the camera – a rainbow of books on the shelf looks pretty but I can’t remember the last time I went to pick up a book based on the colour of it’s spine.
  • Where is the footage discussing why things got so bad in the first place.
  • Not to mention there being absolutely no insight into how to stop it happening again!

Look, when we got Netflix and I found The Home Edit and watched quite a few of them. There is something surprisingly soothing and satisfying about watching a messy home groaning under the weight of possessions turn into a show home.

Here’s what *really* happens when you bring a decluttering expert into your home

I consider it an honour when people invite me, a perfect stranger, into their home. To spend a day with you, watching your home come to life and witnessing the weight lifting from your shoulders is a privilege.

Here’s why it works and why it lasts:

  • There is a lot of discussion at the start and we talk throughout the day. There is something about the manual task of moving, sorting and organising that means people open up and we talk about all sorts. There’s never any judgement or pressure but by talking we can usually release bonds that kept you tied to your possessions so that you now feel able to let go more easily.
  • There’s bucket loads of support as it can be an emotional rollercoaster with any number of buried feelings coming to the surface. But this is where the magic happens! When things get emotional, that’s when we can start to unravel unhelpful habits and behaviours that have caused the clutter to accumulate and put helpful patterns in place.
  • You feel empowered to choose exactly what you can let go of and what you choose to enjoy having in your home. There is absolutely no pressure to get rid of anything.
  • You have a personal cheerleader – it can take motivation, encouragement, understanding and compassion to help people get real long-term results. I’ve got you!
  • You get systems that work for you and the lifestyle you want. That’s rarely something you can just pick off a shelf.
  • I usually end up doing quite a bit of cleaning so that your carefully curated possessions look visually appealing in their new home!

Sure, these programmes show a few organisation tips but in reality, they are an hour of procrastination. An hour when you could be doing something productive, like clearing some clutter!

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