Simple Life

What’s the deal with decluttering?

I want to show you how you can have a Simple Life through the art of the decluttering! Imagine being free from clutter, easily able to find what you need, to enjoy your home and relish the space around you.

This is what I love to do – bring calm, order and space to your home.

I will help you declutter and organise your home once and for all. And, most importantly, stop it get cluttered again. So let’s begin!

I can free you from the sickening dread when you’ve got to go into ‘that’ cupboard, when you are forced to sort out the spare room because you have guests or the fear when someone is about to uncover your hidden stash of clutter.

What has this got to do with yoga?

The concepts of letting go, how we approach life, how we treat people and choose to react to them, how we feel about ourselves, our surroundings and our possessions can all be approached with the principles of yoga.

By framing belongings differently, we change how we feel about them and whether or not they warrant space and energy in our lives.

When you declutter your home, your mind follows.

It is this shift in perception that stops the problem returning down the line.

Have intent – in yoga we call this a sankalpa: a purpose, a reason, a goal, which will keep you going when you’re tired and help you make decisions. Ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing this? or ‘How will our life be different when we’ve gone through this process?’

imagine how you want the space to be
Knowing how you want to feel about a space can help you focus on your goal

What does it cost?

I work on a day rate of £200 and if you live within 15 miles of me then there’s no charge for travel. I don’t expect you to feed me and I drink boiled water, so I’m a pretty cheap date. You will get my undivided attention; I’ll be in there with you sorting, clearing, and evaluating and you’ll get real, feel-good-in-your-bones, results.

If you are prepared to work hard, we can normally declutter a whole room in a day. Or, if you prefer, we can focus on one type of clutter: e.g paperwork, clothes etc.

I’ve put together some example packages (below) or I can put together a bespoke quote for you, it’s entirely your choice.

How long it takes can depend on:

  • how bad things are
  • how quickly you want to – and can – work
  • other issues, such as emotional attachment, fear of what will be unearthed or not feeling able to face things.

How does it work?

We talk and it unfolds from there: we will figure out where the clutter is coming from, why you are struggling to free yourself of it, and why it keeps coming back – this is crucial to stop the clutter accumulating again.

I won’t shout at you or make you throw anything away – you will be in absolute control of everything that stays and leaves your home. Most people find that once they start, they realise they simply don’t need a lot of the ‘stuff’ and find the process cathartic.

But I will warn you, it is totally addictive…

Where do we start?

Is there one room that makes your heart sink every time you walk into it – or avoid going in at all? Is your paperwork overflowing, or do you have so many clothes you can’t see the wood for the trees? You might just want to start ‘somewhere’ and not care where. Perhaps your stumbling block is books or music or children’s keepsakes.

Sometimes families need a hand sorting through a family member’s life possessions. This is a tender process and I can hold your hand sensitively through it all.

I never over-sell

If I think we can finish your lounge in a day, I won’t try and sell you two. However, if we race through your kitchen and have time to spare, we can start on your bathroom. If you find your mojo and we have an hour left over, we will put it to good use.

I want you to be ecstatic with the results and I want them to last. I also want you to tell you friends!

What’s Your Type?
Room by Room
We will take on any one type of clutter, sort through it all and make it work for you.
Most importantly, we will make sure you are left with tactics to prevent things getting out of control again.
We will get one room exactly how you want it: clear, clean, tidy and organised.
If your room is huge and piled to the ceiling with possessions, we can get it almost there, you might just be left with a little homework.
Big Purge
Remote Control
I’m yours for one day a week for six weeks.
We focus on one area each time and make a big dent and then you get manageable tasks to do before the next time we meet.
I’ll support you every step of the way – you will be amazed what we can achieve.
This is great low cost option when you need someone to keep you motivated and on-track.
We agree an area to tackle, you send me videos and photos of the problem areas and then I’ll send you your step-by-step challenge.
And I want to see photographic evidence of what you’ve achieved!

‘I don’t want to be minimalist’

Nor do I! From where I’m sitting now, in my uncluttered home, I can see children’s artwork, photos, a cosy throw, a few candles and plants, kids’ craft supplies, some yoga kit, and fruit. I live in a small cottage so space is at a premium and everything in my house has been chosen with intent: for it’s usefulness, prettiness, or because it makes us feel good. Nothing ‘ends up’ in our home any more because we know that if it isn’t going to add to our lives then we don’t need it.

‘I don’t want to add to landfill’

I feel exactly the same. After decluttering, there are usually quite a lot of bags ready to leave the house (hooray!). One or two bags are for donating to charity shops/passing on to friends, many many bags are heading for recycling, and one for landfill. This last bag rarely has very much in it and if it does then it serves as a reminder to be conscious of what we bring into our lives as one day it will need to move on.

‘What do I need to do?’

  • Talk to me – you will get the best results if you tell me how you’re feeling and what you are struggling with. Everything is confidential and I am a really, really good listener. I will be your personal cheerleader!
  • Keep hydrated – if you’re flagging, say the word and we’ll get a cuppa and a snack but we’ll get back on with Mission:Declutter quickly.
  • Get a good night’s rest – aside from the physical effort, this can be emotionally tiring. Memories can be stirred, it can be hard to let go of things that cost money or were presents from a loved one.
  • Strong bin bags – allow at least ten bags per room or clutter type. If we’re working on the kitchen then old cardboard boxes are better than bags.
  • Exit strategy – we can pile the bags in your car boot as we go or you can hire a small recycling skip. When you’ve finished, you don’t want it to be spoilt by a pile of bags waiting for recycling day.
  • Don’t buy any new storage – I know it’s tempting but how do you know what storage you need until you can see what you have left to organise? Do the decluttering and then treat yourself to some storage knowing exactly what you need.
  • What’s yours is yours – I firmly believe people should be in charge of their own belongings. There are ways to encourage family members to declutter and I have lots of useful tips for this.
  • Space to sort – a large table is ideal and a double bed is fine for clothes and linens because they won’t fall over all the time. If all else fails, I can bring a couple of trestle tables if you have the room.

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your home, get in touch and start your journey to the Simple Life.


You can pick and mix any of the services or products on Exhale.

Vouchers are made to order so get in touch and I’ll put a bespoke voucher together for you.

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