The Simple Life

The Simple Life

Your home is a tip, you’re constantly tidying your own personal bombsite, you can’t get in the kitchen drawers anymore because the spatula jammed it shut three weeks ago and every time you walk in the front door you trip over 37 pairs of shoes. That you don’t wear, or like, and quite possibly don’t even own. The sheer amount of stuff around you has become a huge mental burden.

You’ve tried having a massive clear out, bought some nice storage solutions, channelled Marie Kondo, had a go at Minimalism. But even for those few blissful days when you could see the benefit of all your hard work, it still didn’t feel ‘right’ and the clutter keeps coming back.

But it’s not just your home, it’s something more… You feel utterly spent, you’re snapping at people, your to do list is getting longer by the minute, there’s no time and you’re worn out – you’ve no idea how to relax even if you had any spare time.

No morning routine is miraculously going to get everything done, the health kick and early nights feel good but are always at the expense of something else, something more important. You know you’d feel better if you could explore yoga or a new hobby but what and when and how?

How do you find that sweet spot? Where everything comes together and feels harmonious. Where you feel calm and relaxed in your home and the space feels lighter. Where you enjoy spending time with your family and find your flow? And how do you manage all this without stretching yourself even more?

The Simple Life 1:1

After a while of working with women decluttering their homes, I noticed they were wanting that same sense of lightness winding through the rest of their life. And the women who loyally turned up every week to stretch out their bodies and find mental respite on their yoga mats wanted that same sense of calm in their homes. And they all wanted more time in their lives!

So, The Simple Life 1:1 Online Programme was born. Now, you get to create the home you really want, with space to breathe and a natural flow to everything. A way to find that same peace and calm inside you. A way to find time for the things you really want to do.

We look at your home, your time and your wellbeing with a tried and tested method that gets great, feel-good-in-your-bones, results.

The Simple Life 1:1 Online Programme is for you if:

  • you are ready to free yourself from all the clutter that is weighing you down and want to create a home with space that works for your family
  • you want to be able to get everything done and still have time for something meaningful – just for you
  • you want to feel good in yourself, sleep well enough to restore you and have energy to give to your family.

If you’re intrigued, pop me a message and let’s chat about how I can help you create your own Simple Life.

We remove all the barriers so that you can choose how you want to live.

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The Simple Life Facebook group is a friendly community – there’s no judgement, only support and positivity.

We tackle key areas of clutter and learn how to keep things in order, long term. We share ways to dispose of items without sending everything to landfill. There are tutorials, support on things you’re struggling with and ongoing prompts and tasks to keep you on track. We share our achievements and celebrate each other’s.

We look at ways to bring that same sense of space and calm into your life. And, importantly, how to find the time to do it all.