During class you will discover how to listen to your body and your mind, to trust yourself and explore your capabilities – both physical and mental. The emphasis is all about letting go, understanding and self-development; with a focus on using the power of your breath to help yourself and unlock your potential.

From the moment you step on the mat, you can leave behind all the pressures, responsibilities, strains, worries and chaos that might dominate your life. For an hour and a half, it’s my pleasure to take care of you – in a place of stillness and a few laughs too.

But yoga isn’t just about what happens on your mat, once a week. It’s about how you live your life and I offer ideas for you to try if you want to.

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About Me

I walked into my first yoga class when I was 18. I wish I could say I arrived there by intention and purpose but the truth is I was just a bit lost.

I was searching for a way to quieten the washing machine thoughts that were exhausting me. I had no idea what yoga was or what happened in a class but by chance, or perhaps serendipity, I found an amazing teacher and I still use techniques that she taught me, today. In fact, she now comes to one of my classes!

With hindsight, I can see I was suffering with anxiety and depression and yoga gave me a sense of peace and purpose. And that is what I want to share with you.
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So, Why ‘Exhale’?

The first real respite from battling anxiety happened when I learnt how to exhale in my very first yoga class 25 years ago. It continues to be my barometer, my pause button, and my reset when I need it.

Exhalation is where you start to let go. Learn how to use it and you’ll never look back.

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About The Simple Life

My other passion (obsession) is decluttering and organising.

When I was five or six, I would stay with my Granny and Grandpa in the school holidays. My favourite thing was to polish and organise their beautiful canteen of silver cutlery. I organised while Granny told me stories about India and the West Indies.

My quiet Grandpa had the most wonderful garage with jars of screws, useful bits, and tools. Whenever anything needed fixing, he could immediately lay his hands on whatever was needed.

And the freezer! A huge chest freezer with two large blankets over the top, a pair of woolly gloves hung to the side for cold hands, and inside were boxes of fruit, stock, bread, vegetables from the garden, meat, all sorts – perfectly labelled and instantly find-able.

I thrive on helping people create a more simple life. Using yogic concepts to help you decide what is really important and how to let go of objects that no longer serve you.

It is all done with kindness and compassion and a whole heap of enthusiasm – you won’t believe how much you’ll enjoy the process.

Check out the Simple Life page for more information.

If you’re interested in yoga, want to try a class or need help with simplifying your life, get in touch!

Exhale: for your yoga and your life.


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