Are you looking for a simpler way of life?

Hi, I’m Katherine: a yoga and meditation teacher, decluttering and organising expert, mother to two slightly feral children, foodie and day dreamer.

My absolute favourite thing in the whole world is helping people to lead a calmer, more harmonious life. People like you, who’s craving a home that doesn’t feel like a constant battleground of clearing up after everyone. Who wants to breathe a contented sigh when they come home, not feel their blood pressure rising as they open the door to stuff everywhere.

It’s about releasing yourself from all the clutter and excess possessions, creating order and dealing with the cause of clutter building up. This is what creates a home that flows.

And when you see how open and calm your home can be, that feeling is reflected in you. You feel lighter and calmer too.

Yoga and decluttering are perfect partners. Developing a personal yoga practice or by attending the right type of class can help you create space inside, so that you can let go of emotions, free yourself from tension and restriction and find a balanced way of living. A complete yoga practice (postures, breathwork, mediation and relaxation) is the perfect way to look after yourself from the inside out so that you feel resilient and balanced.

You can have a home that feels spacious and organised so that you feel calm and resilient.

the simple life

I believe that there are three foundations for contentment in your personal life:

Your physical environment

Your time and how you choose to use it

Your wellbeing

What is The Simple Life?

I’m guessing you feel completely burdened by the sheer amount of physical stuff in your life?

It affects your state of mind and wellbeing. It makes you snappy with the family and you feel like you’ll never get on top of it all.

You don’t have to put up with the kitchen drawer that won’t open since a spatula jammed it shut two weeks ago.

When you walk in the front door and trip over 27 pairs of shoes – and I know that you suspect some don’t even belong to your family – it doesn’t have to feel like that.

And let me tell you, those piles of books and paperwork balanced precariously that you just know are going to collapse, any day now…?

There is a way to be organised and in control of it all, once and for all.

As well as helping you pare back your belongings, you will be able to make time in your day to get everything done and you will have time to explore the things that make you feel good. Don’t know what that looks like yet? We’ll figure it out.

And you won’t feeling guilty that you should be doing something more important – when was the last time that happened?

When was the last time you did something just for you, just to make you happy and you didn’t feel like it was at the expense of something ‘more important’?

Imagine your head hitting the pillow tonight feeling utterly satisfied with everything you’ve achieved and with your patience intact, a smile on your face and your batteries charged up.

The Simple Life is for women who are ready to make changes to live an easier, more intentional life. We use the philosophies of yoga to make meaningful changes that last – find harmonious flow in your home, time in your day and balance inside of you.

I want to help you find peace and happiness.
So you can flourish and thrive whatever life throws at you.


It’s time…

Perhaps you’ve felt out of sorts for a while. It’s not easy to put your finger on it is it? Something just doesn’t feel right.

Maybe you’re always exhausted or feel guilty for snapping at the children?

You’re trying so hard but you’re just not making any headway and you’re tired of carrying all the burden on your shoulders.

How many times have you said: ‘It’ll be better when…’?

Sound familiar?

You didn’t want life to be like this.

You’ve tried having a good clear out but it just keeps coming back.

Overwhelmed is your middle name: every time you make a start, it feels too enormous to conquer.

If you could just get one thing organised, you’d feel so much better.

You know you need some ‘me’ time but it’s going to take more than a bubble bath to fix how you feel…

I’ve got you…

I see you and hear you because that’s exactly how I felt. Feeling desperate for something to change.

My sole mission is to help women like you.

If you want to create a home with flow, find time in your day and feel good right down in your bones, I can help.

It’s time to clear out what no longer serves you, create space and order around you and give yourself permission to start living. It’s your time…today.

quick declutter: how to download 60 items in 60 minutes

Working with me…

live a simpler life one step at a time

Create the home you really want, with space to breathe and a natural flow. The Simple Life 1-2-1 programme helps you create the home you dream of. Using yogic principles and philosophies, it’s a way to find that same peace and calm inside you. A way to find time for the things you really want to do and start living!
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yoga classes with exhale

Find your calm space with in-person Hatha yoga classes and online Yin Yoga for Wellbeing. Exhale makes it easy to make time for your physical and mental wellbeing. So that you can explore what feels good, develop your flexibility and strength, experience peace of mind and deep, nourishing relaxation.
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the best yoga class

“The best yoga class I’ve ever done”

— Sarah Coulson, after Yin Yoga for Wellbeing

decluttering and organising services

You can call in the cavalry! In-person decluttering services to suit different budgets. This is more than just a good clear out and making things look pretty. This is about getting rid of clutter for good and stopping it coming back. Work on one room or the whole house, it’s up to you.
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buy mala beads for japa meditation

Meditate for inner calm. Hand-knotted mala beads for Japa Meditation made with respect for the planet cultural heritage and social responsibility. Coming soon… Learn to Meditate online course
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helping you live a simpler life, with love Katherine